The Sharp Skate 4 is a high precision honing and sharpening mechanism.

Consisting of 44 custom machined parts, the Sharp Skate is milled from aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. As the name implies, the Sharp Skate 4 is the fourth in the Sharp Skate series.

Harrelson "Hap" Stanley first introduced his Sharp Skate to the world in 2007. The tool was designed to assist the nuanced technique of side sharpening, a form of sharpening that allows the sharpener to utilize the entire surface face of their sharpening stone. The jig was in its infancy and many issues in its design became apparent. Shortly after did Hap improve the design. 

The Sharp Skate 2 was introduced and with it came the first angle dock. The angle-dock is a guide tool that helps the user measure the angle of any blade put into the Sharp Skate. Along with the angle-dock, the wheels were redesigned for the Sharp Skate 2. The new design allowed for an improved sharpening experience. The Sharp Skate 2 proved that the tool could be a market success. 

The success that followed provided Hap the opportunity to once again improve the Sharp Skate 3. The main body and design stayed the same. However, an improved angle dock was included. The new angle-dock, also known as the dual-dock, sported a two-sided face design that allowed the jig to rest at an incline. The two-sided face provided a more readable measuring system that replaced the condensed face of the first dock by spreading out the lines of degrees between the front and back of the tool. This allowed for more precise measurements.

Now, 5 years since the Sharp Skate 3, and nearly a decade since the initial launch of the series, the Sharp Skate has reached a new level of precision. The Sharp Skate 4 does not have only one or two improvements. The entire Sharp Skate has been fully re-designed from the ground up. The new body accommodates an improved mechanism within the Sharp Skate. The wheel system has been improved, allowing for a much smoother Skating experience. The new dock has deeper grooves and laser-etched markings that are much easier to read and take measurements with. Every component of the system can easily be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. 

The Sharp Skate 4 is the ultimate evolution of the Skate and the greatest revolution in side-sharpening.